Wisdom Keys

Dr. Mike Murdock Is A Modern Day Solomon, Full of Wisdom and Very Proverbial With His Hundreds of Wisdom Keys. These Keys Are Applicable For Business, Relationships, Personal Decisions, Finance and More! More Info at www.wisdomonline.com.

You Follow Dr. Murdock at twitter.com/drmikemurdock .

Go Where You Are Celebrated Not Tolerated.

Never Make Permanent Decision Because of Temporary Feelings.

The Unthankful Are Always The Unhappy.

Success Is Hidden In Your Daily Routine.

Money Is Simply A Reward For Solving Problems.

Never Discuss What You Want Others To Forget.

Silence Can Not Be Misquoted.

Patience Is The Weapon That Forces Deception To Reveal Itself.

You Do Not Decide Your Future, You Decide Your Habits, and Your Habits Decide Your Future.

Never Enter Into An Appointment Withou An Exit Time.

Protocol Is Expected Behavior That Conveys Respect.

Leaders Do Not Choose Followers, Followers Choose Leaders.

You Can Not Run From A Thought, Only To A Thought.

That Which Becomes Familiar Becomes Hidden.

Those Who Do Not Respect Your Time, Will Not Respect Your Wisdom Either.

Mentorship Is Wisdom Without The Pain.

Giving Is Proof You Have Conquered Greed.


2 responses to “Wisdom Keys

  1. Patricia Woods

    Thanks for the great website! LOVE the wisdom keys because I love Mike Murdock!

  2. I love your wisdom keys.looking foward 2 a n exciting bcoz yo have redirected my focus,blessedngandu

    Simply enlightening without doubt

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