Recruiting (Sizzle) Calls

Recruiting or “Sizzle” Calls – Are Recorded or Live Information Calls Designed To Peak The Interest Of Your Prospects. Progam these #’s into your cell phone.

These Calls Are Great First Exposure Tools!

Invite Two People A Day To Listen To A SIZZLE CALL! Or Better Yet, 3-Way Your Prospects Into The Recruiting/Sizzle Call…Then Simply Ask “What Did You Like Best About What You Heard?”

Sizzle Call: 1-512-404-2330 (4min)                                     Spanish Version 712.432.9196

Sitdown Presentation Recorded Call! With Platinum Jesse McPherson. 605.475.4400 24/7! This is a Great Call to Learn the Full PPL Presentation! (16min)

Real Estate/Loan Officer Call:  With Former Real Estate Agent & $1,000,000 PPL Ring Earner, Brian Carruthers! Listen at: 951.262.1705 – Available 24/7

LIVE – Insurance Agent & Professionals Recruiting Call with Dave Savula! Every Wednesday: 9:55am MTN /10:55am CST Call: 507.726.3200 code 66373

Spanish Sizzle: 641.715.3800 pin 198366# – Available 24/7 Spanish Recruiting Website


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